First 2weeks in SMC

This is my first year in SMC,actually I need to say all the things are mixed! These are the most difficult weeks that I have. Cras classes and waiting in line to see the conselors! But I have to say it is a good experience for me !I need to grow up to be a real adult! And this is the first step!

The most important things I need to say is to be independent! I think most of the new students here just like me,we know nonthing about the school! Don’t worry about that,I think it is part of study too.I always go to the international center and go to see the conselors,I really got lot of important informations there! Don’t be afraid to ask any questions,that is what I feel!

I am so happy that I made some friends also come form different countries. We share feelings in school( library is my favorite!!) They helped me a lot! They show me how to choose classes and How to study in transfer college and also I don’t feel lonely at all. I like to make friends with others!

It is busy and complicated the first two weeks in SMC,but I really learnt something, not only the knowledge from the book but also the experience in life!

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