Do laundry ….everywhere

          Somethings I think it is really strange in USA that people need to drive to other places to do washing! Why don’t they have washer in their home?Now I worry about it too.

          It is said that all of the apartments in California must have three things:washer,cooker and fridge! In my apartment we do have those things but the washer doesn’t work and we need to fix it by ourselves.It cost a lot! I don’t know if it is true that the owner need to ofter us those things and why there is no one who can check these things and make sure all the things!

         I looked around my house and there are many places that they do have Laundry places for people to do wash. It is really different from my country.In my country all the houses they do have their laundry,most time wedo laundry at home. Sometimes we need to wash some special clothes then we will send them to the laundry place,it is called:dry-clean. Here the dry-clean is so expensive but in my country it is cheaper,we can do dry-clean once a week.

            Different places have different cultures and it is really fun to understand each other’s cultures! I wish every week I can find some differences between China and USA! It is an interesting thing for me !

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