No Car No better Life in LA

              In my mind, America is a country that we can seldom see people on the street and most of them do not go out, few cars,they walk so fast because of the time is expensive…..But after studied and lived here for one year,I totally changed my mind.

              There is no life to live in California even in LA.It is really my experience for living in santa monica without a car.The  first week when I came to SMC, I need to eat outside for a whole week because I do not have a car and I can not go to the place to open my gas as soon as possible and also the internet. There is no laundry place in my house,so I have to go the other place to do laundry,I have to say the place is half an hour for me to walk there.Every time I need to spend the whole afternoon in the Washer place, it is really sad to do those things without a car,plus the weather is so hot!

             I still remembered  my friend and I went to a smart market and we bought a lot of things :fruit,vegetables and some other things.It is too heavy for us to carry all those things and we need to walk to the bus stop and wait there and then walk back home for about 10 minutes. It is really heavy that we need to stop for several times because our hands are really painful of those things.Whenever we saw a car passed from us, we even hope they can stop and give us a ride.

                 It is comfortable to dirve a car to any place that you like,but without a car,where can you go? I am going to buy a car two months later and I am glad to give you a ride if you are the same just as what I did before!

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