Are Friends In Game Are Real Firends?

                                                                                                               recently, I  fall in love with a game, it is not really hot,just

play with music. On the game,I met a lot of people and I am really

 happy that some of us become really close friends.But I wonder

are friends in game can be real friends?

             My best friend in the game named Xiao Xiong. We are

really close and we talked a lot! No matter the things are true or

not, for me it is a really good start to believe others and give people

confidence include me to be open to others!

            Unfortunatelly,not all the things go the same right ways,

some of my friends complained about the game and they showed

their real heart but no returns, sometimes they even got hurt! I am

confused if the friendship on the game can be believed!


               Will you show your patient and your real heart on the 

 game?That is a really hard question for me but I still want to

believe others because that is the only way to let others believe


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