Halloween is coming and what are you going to be? People begin to talk about halloween and for me it is a

 really interesting thing,too.

            Ok, halloweed is coming , are you ready? Who are you going to be?


                Pretty Kitty                                      Zombie Bride                             Queen of Wonderland


Zombie                                                                  Batman                                                 Mad Tea Host

 I had a really wonderful halloween night last year and I still remember I dressed in a long, shining red dress to be a

hot hollywood star.My friend Adress in a tiny black dress, she is so sexi that day! B dressed as a housewife and I

need to say he is a guy! We put lots of blusher on both sides of his face and he has a big made hip which is part of the

dress! My neighbor dressed like an old witch with a long black magic wand who has the most powerful black magic

in the world, she need to be an cator in Harry Potter! C dressed like a vampire, his face covered with white things

and there are two fangs on each side of his mouth. It is really scared me!

                We played a lot of games and there are also some finding games held by the owner. We put kinds of candy

in bottles and hide them in the tree or under some big things for people to find and there are some small animals in

the yard, when the night is coming it is kind of scared if you do not know what is going on. We also have people hide

behind the tree, I have to say two of the girls cried because they just thought ghosts are coming!

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