An Eighty Year Old Granny Send Water For Servival

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                There is a granny, her first son lost ability to walk because of an accident,her second son disappear for years,her husband died years ago,but this granny didb’t give up life.Even though now she is already 80 years old,in order to servive and to curve her grandson, she send bottles of waters every day from morning to evening and never stopped for 10 years.She said she cann’t give up because this is the only way tocurve her grandson,she can not stay with her grandson forever and she will try her best to leave sonething for her grandson before she leaves.A lot of people notice her story and most of them connect with this granny and give her money,food and other things to help her!
             Even though she is an 80 granny but she try to live by herself and she did it!I believe there are lots of people who are struggle but as long as you try, you will get what you deserve because China is a Big Warm Family!Lots of kind and warm-hearted people are waiting to help you !

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