The Asian Games

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  The 2010 Guang Zhou Asian Game opened on November,13th. All the people paid their attention on it andespecially the Opening Ceremony.

              6000 volunteers into the opening service.On the interview, they are really proud that they can service people and do their best to show the most perfect guangzhou Asian.

              Completely unaccountable Asia festival yangcheng streets everywhere is celebrating the citizens. citizens on the street,in the subway or students in the dormitory,all the people come to together to wait for the Asian Game in Guang Zhou!In the grand marshal mansion on the bank of the pearl river dock outside, hai organized 590 much name masses in the pearl river dykes as stage for taiji fan, JianShenWu performance, neat and tidy movements such as flowing clouds, performing team franco-swiss 500 meters, from grass fang wai extends to enterprise mouth, spectacular.

              All the people use different ways to show their enthusiasm to the Asian Game and also the unforgetable Opening Ceremony.

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