Thanks Giving—-story..

             Thanks Giving is coming!  All the people are waiting for it ! Do you have a plan?

             For me ,the most excitiing thing is I want to go to outlet to feel the big black friday and it is really fun for me!

             I still remembered last year, i went to Americana with my firends and all the things ar on sale! Even the police were coming to make things in order! that is real crazy day for all the americans.

             I always wonder the origin of Thanks Giving Day! It is said at the begin of 17 century,British pilgrims were persecuted, one day, 102 pilgrims went to the Plymouth and  they begun their new life there.however, 60people died after the first winter because they can not

adapt to the new environment. the second spring, the native indians came to help them and tought them how to live and do farm. they got a big harvest in the autumn, then all the pilgrims cooked things like Corn pumpkin Turkey and gave them to the native indians for the help.Then after years the president lincoln provised it as Thanks Giving in America.

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