My favorite songs and videos—-enjoy with everyone!


My favorite singer is :JAY CHOU, he is the most popular singer in China and also all  

over the world. He has talent with songs and he made all his songs by himself and his best

friend: Fang Wenshan.  Let me show you some of his songs that are really interest me

almost 7 years……..

blue and white porcelain

            He has a really different style of songs and that is also a important reason that he

can be the most famous one. People all call his songs: Zhou’ songs.  His songs has one kind

of magic : you will never be boring with his songs, the melody can be closer and closer with

you! Even now some of people can not understand what he is singing about but they all like

it.  As long as you try to listen to his songs, you will fall in love with his songs forever.

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