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          There is a passage named:Study: Alzheimer’s risk spikes 157% with heavy smoking.By Mary Brophy Marcus, USA TODAY.

                The study is the first to examine the long-term consequences of heavy smoking on Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia, says the study’s principal investigator, Rachel Whitmer, a research scientist with Kaiser Permanente in Oakland.

                 A key question for worried smokers: If I quit, will I lower my risk for dementia? The answer is unknown, but Whitmer says researchers are planning a follow-up study to find out.

               I do have a lot of friends who smoke everyday and they promise me that they can not give it up as normal. Most of them smoke 20 or more cigerrate everyday and when they are worried andin bad mood they will smoke more! That is a really hard thing for them to give it up, it just like drup,once you are addicted to it, you can not escape anymore.I hope they can smoke more because most of them can feel the bad part of their body as they smoke and it is sad that they can not control themselves!

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Bloody Mary is a ghost featured in Western folklore. She is said to appear in a mirror when her name is called three times or more.

    A few college students dare a girl to summon Bloody Mary but they all are killed by Bloody Mary finally.

   – (Definition) A cocktail is an alcoholic mixes drink that contains two or more ingredients and at least one of the ingredients must be a spirit.

   -Bloody Mary is one drink you can make a taste. There is no set rule for how to make Bloody Mary and only guidelines which is what I will show you today.

  1. Show all the materials

-Vodka, port, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, lemon, salt, pepper, ice, celery stick, highball glass, cocktail shaker (Raise them separately to show)

  1. Alcohol

-Put 50ml of vodka and 10ml of port to the mixing cup.

-I use the water cup instead of cocktail shaker.

-Assume the small cup has 10ml volume.

-Almost alcohol concentration of all cocktails is not high.

   3.  Spices

       -Add 2 to 3 dashes of Tabasco sauce to the mixing cup. (My own story when I    buy it)

       -Add 4 to 5 dashes of steak sauce to the mixing cup. (Unnecessary, but it will make Bloody Mary tasted better

       -There also are two more sauces you can use. (Write on blackboard)

Horseradish sauce & Worcestershire sauce, many people like that.

  1. Lemon

-Squeeze half a lemon and add the juice

-You also can use the green one (lime) at the same time if you have.

-Use lemon go through the edge of high ball glass and turn the glass around some pepper

4.  Salt and Pepper

    -Add a pinch of pepper and salt

        -As I said in the beginning, there is no set rule for how to make Bloody Mary.

        -I like add a little coffee to juice. You also can try your favorites.

5.  Tomato Juice

     -Add 100ml of tomato juicy to mixing cup

 6.  Shake

     -Make sure the lid of the cup be firmly to seal.

     -The true cocktail shaker is made up of stainless steel. Shake vigorously for about 20 seconds

     -Handy Hint: ready with condensation

 7.   Ice

      -Fill the high ball glass

 8.   Release

      -pull juicy to high ball glass

 9.   Garnish

      -Add a thin stick of celery and a slice of fresh to the top of juicy

 10.   We done (Raise and show Bloody Mary)

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              Halloween is coming and what are you going to be? People begin to talk about halloween and for me it is a

 really interesting thing,too.

            Ok, halloweed is coming , are you ready? Who are you going to be?


                Pretty Kitty                                      Zombie Bride                             Queen of Wonderland


Zombie                                                                  Batman                                                 Mad Tea Host

 I had a really wonderful halloween night last year and I still remember I dressed in a long, shining red dress to be a

hot hollywood star.My friend Adress in a tiny black dress, she is so sexi that day! B dressed as a housewife and I

need to say he is a guy! We put lots of blusher on both sides of his face and he has a big made hip which is part of the

dress! My neighbor dressed like an old witch with a long black magic wand who has the most powerful black magic

in the world, she need to be an cator in Harry Potter! C dressed like a vampire, his face covered with white things

and there are two fangs on each side of his mouth. It is really scared me!

                We played a lot of games and there are also some finding games held by the owner. We put kinds of candy

in bottles and hide them in the tree or under some big things for people to find and there are some small animals in

the yard, when the night is coming it is kind of scared if you do not know what is going on. We also have people hide

behind the tree, I have to say two of the girls cried because they just thought ghosts are coming!

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Are Friends In Game Are Real Firends?

                                                                                                               recently, I  fall in love with a game, it is not really hot,just

play with music. On the game,I met a lot of people and I am really

 happy that some of us become really close friends.But I wonder

are friends in game can be real friends?

             My best friend in the game named Xiao Xiong. We are

really close and we talked a lot! No matter the things are true or

not, for me it is a really good start to believe others and give people

confidence include me to be open to others!

            Unfortunatelly,not all the things go the same right ways,

some of my friends complained about the game and they showed

their real heart but no returns, sometimes they even got hurt! I am

confused if the friendship on the game can be believed!


               Will you show your patient and your real heart on the 

 game?That is a really hard question for me but I still want to

believe others because that is the only way to let others believe


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No Car No better Life in LA

              In my mind, America is a country that we can seldom see people on the street and most of them do not go out, few cars,they walk so fast because of the time is expensive…..But after studied and lived here for one year,I totally changed my mind.

              There is no life to live in California even in LA.It is really my experience for living in santa monica without a car.The  first week when I came to SMC, I need to eat outside for a whole week because I do not have a car and I can not go to the place to open my gas as soon as possible and also the internet. There is no laundry place in my house,so I have to go the other place to do laundry,I have to say the place is half an hour for me to walk there.Every time I need to spend the whole afternoon in the Washer place, it is really sad to do those things without a car,plus the weather is so hot!

             I still remembered  my friend and I went to a smart market and we bought a lot of things :fruit,vegetables and some other things.It is too heavy for us to carry all those things and we need to walk to the bus stop and wait there and then walk back home for about 10 minutes. It is really heavy that we need to stop for several times because our hands are really painful of those things.Whenever we saw a car passed from us, we even hope they can stop and give us a ride.

                 It is comfortable to dirve a car to any place that you like,but without a car,where can you go? I am going to buy a car two months later and I am glad to give you a ride if you are the same just as what I did before!

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Do laundry ….everywhere

          Somethings I think it is really strange in USA that people need to drive to other places to do washing! Why don’t they have washer in their home?Now I worry about it too.

          It is said that all of the apartments in California must have three things:washer,cooker and fridge! In my apartment we do have those things but the washer doesn’t work and we need to fix it by ourselves.It cost a lot! I don’t know if it is true that the owner need to ofter us those things and why there is no one who can check these things and make sure all the things!

         I looked around my house and there are many places that they do have Laundry places for people to do wash. It is really different from my country.In my country all the houses they do have their laundry,most time wedo laundry at home. Sometimes we need to wash some special clothes then we will send them to the laundry place,it is called:dry-clean. Here the dry-clean is so expensive but in my country it is cheaper,we can do dry-clean once a week.

            Different places have different cultures and it is really fun to understand each other’s cultures! I wish every week I can find some differences between China and USA! It is an interesting thing for me !

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First 2weeks in SMC

This is my first year in SMC,actually I need to say all the things are mixed! These are the most difficult weeks that I have. Cras classes and waiting in line to see the conselors! But I have to say it is a good experience for me !I need to grow up to be a real adult! And this is the first step!

The most important things I need to say is to be independent! I think most of the new students here just like me,we know nonthing about the school! Don’t worry about that,I think it is part of study too.I always go to the international center and go to see the conselors,I really got lot of important informations there! Don’t be afraid to ask any questions,that is what I feel!

I am so happy that I made some friends also come form different countries. We share feelings in school( library is my favorite!!) They helped me a lot! They show me how to choose classes and How to study in transfer college and also I don’t feel lonely at all. I like to make friends with others!

It is busy and complicated the first two weeks in SMC,but I really learnt something, not only the knowledge from the book but also the experience in life!

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