My favorite songs and videos—-enjoy with everyone!


My favorite singer is :JAY CHOU, he is the most popular singer in China and also all  

over the world. He has talent with songs and he made all his songs by himself and his best

friend: Fang Wenshan.  Let me show you some of his songs that are really interest me

almost 7 years……..

blue and white porcelain

            He has a really different style of songs and that is also a important reason that he

can be the most famous one. People all call his songs: Zhou’ songs.  His songs has one kind

of magic : you will never be boring with his songs, the melody can be closer and closer with

you! Even now some of people can not understand what he is singing about but they all like

it.  As long as you try to listen to his songs, you will fall in love with his songs forever.

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The Green Hornet is coming!!!

              The Green hornet is coming! My favorite singer and the best actor that I will keep

loving:  Jay Chou!

             Britt Reid is the son of a Media Magnate, he always stay in the party until his

father’s death.Katou works for Britt Reid’s father and he is brillient in create things,Katou

create a really powerful weapon—The Black Beauty.They begin to fight crime,and

invade gangster, two people started at risk and exciting adventure.

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Black Friday—-Shopping ING!

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             Thanks giving is coming! I am so happy to wait for it ! As I know

it is a really big holiday for american people and traditonal! Turkey with

lots of food, family meetings! It sounds great!

              I went to outlet last friday! I can feel the crazy motion there!

When I arrived outlet I can see all the parking place are full and lots of

people are walking around to find their perfect suits! When I went to

COACH store, I was so surprised that their were hundreds of people

waiting there and they were really excited to be there, they were

keeping talking about the purse they wanted.

                  My favorite store is UGG, it is really pitty if I did not try to

wait in line as others, so I spent hour to wait in line for UGG, and that is

a really long line though, but the experience is really good for me.I think

\GAP would be the second popular store, the line is so long, too. My

friend went there and she got a really cheap clothes and it looks really

 nice! what a nice shopping day.

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Thanks Giving—-story..

             Thanks Giving is coming!  All the people are waiting for it ! Do you have a plan?

             For me ,the most excitiing thing is I want to go to outlet to feel the big black friday and it is really fun for me!

             I still remembered last year, i went to Americana with my firends and all the things ar on sale! Even the police were coming to make things in order! that is real crazy day for all the americans.

             I always wonder the origin of Thanks Giving Day! It is said at the begin of 17 century,British pilgrims were persecuted, one day, 102 pilgrims went to the Plymouth and  they begun their new life there.however, 60people died after the first winter because they can not

adapt to the new environment. the second spring, the native indians came to help them and tought them how to live and do farm. they got a big harvest in the autumn, then all the pilgrims cooked things like Corn pumpkin Turkey and gave them to the native indians for the help.Then after years the president lincoln provised it as Thanks Giving in America.

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The Asian Games

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  The 2010 Guang Zhou Asian Game opened on November,13th. All the people paid their attention on it andespecially the Opening Ceremony.

              6000 volunteers into the opening service.On the interview, they are really proud that they can service people and do their best to show the most perfect guangzhou Asian.

              Completely unaccountable Asia festival yangcheng streets everywhere is celebrating the citizens. citizens on the street,in the subway or students in the dormitory,all the people come to together to wait for the Asian Game in Guang Zhou!In the grand marshal mansion on the bank of the pearl river dock outside, hai organized 590 much name masses in the pearl river dykes as stage for taiji fan, JianShenWu performance, neat and tidy movements such as flowing clouds, performing team franco-swiss 500 meters, from grass fang wai extends to enterprise mouth, spectacular.

              All the people use different ways to show their enthusiasm to the Asian Game and also the unforgetable Opening Ceremony.

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An Eighty Year Old Granny Send Water For Servival

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                There is a granny, her first son lost ability to walk because of an accident,her second son disappear for years,her husband died years ago,but this granny didb’t give up life.Even though now she is already 80 years old,in order to servive and to curve her grandson, she send bottles of waters every day from morning to evening and never stopped for 10 years.She said she cann’t give up because this is the only way tocurve her grandson,she can not stay with her grandson forever and she will try her best to leave sonething for her grandson before she leaves.A lot of people notice her story and most of them connect with this granny and give her money,food and other things to help her!
             Even though she is an 80 granny but she try to live by herself and she did it!I believe there are lots of people who are struggle but as long as you try, you will get what you deserve because China is a Big Warm Family!Lots of kind and warm-hearted people are waiting to help you !

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Memories Here

   First Day in Little Tokyo…..

Christmas Day of 2009 and this is the first Christmas for me in USA, we made cakes and play games at school before holiday! such great fun!

amusement park in LA, my first visit in LA. The game is interesting…..

My math teacher: Mr. Shirajian.A wonderful teacher with special love in chocolate and coffee! Do not try his coffee if you are not strong enough!!!!

 My lovely ESL teacher and also my friend! She is the most beautiful princess in my heart! She married last year and best wishes for her!

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